John Rubino was born in New York City in 1952. His mother, a gifted sculptor and painter in her own right, shared her love of the arts with him from the time of his earliest memories. Learning to weld at age 10, he spent his free time building and sculpting while his friends played ball. At age 15, he showed his first works at Mari Galleries in New York.

 After high school he spent a year at The Academy of Fine Arts in Florence (Italy). This was a definitive time for him, one that continues to influence his thinking. Following this experience, he enrolled at the University of Miami (Florida), and graduated with honors. Rubino is a N.C.B.D.C. Certified Professional Building Designer.

 Throughout his career, sculptural form has predominated as Rubino’s main interest, which he has explored through the mediums of jewelry, abstract and figurative sculpture, monumental sculpture, architectural design and functional structural sculpture. Rubino has designed, engineered and produced many of the custom tools and machines he uses in his specialized fabrication process.

 In addition to Structural Sculpture, Rubino’s current work involves portraits, expressive figures and abstract works. Pieces range in size from a few inches tall to larger than life or monumental. Most of Rubino’s work is in steel, while some of his sculptures are in bronze. He is currently accepting commissions for new work.
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